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Pueblo Police

July 10, 2017 a Pueblo locals home was broken into. The alarm was synced to the Pueblo Police dispatch to let officers know that the home was broken into. The police called the woman on her cell phone when they got the alert to make sure she was not harmed and to make sure no one was in the house at the time of the break in. Hours went by and the police never showed up. Pueblo police or just police in general seem to not pay any mind if they don't think you're in immediate danger. Delayed arrivals of police have ended in deaths of innocent civilians.

Outside corner view of the Pueblo Municipal Justice Center

Ariel View of some of the New SUV patrol vehicles.

July 20, 2017 Pueblo Police Chief Velez retired, which is rumored to think was forced upon him. For the past several years, the department has been limited to 193 officers after the City Manager Sam Azad froze fourteen positions. The number includes 1 Chief, 3 Deputy, and 7 Captains. This actually leaves 180 officers, but the newly thirteen graduated officers are not ready to be In the streets. As the Pueblo Police department struggles with issues with money and manpower, several of the latest police academy graduates have dropped out of patrol training.

Old patrol vehicles lined up the parking garage

For years the Pueblo Police Department has had a problem with equipment, primarily the vehicle. Before his retirement Chief Velez was able to purchase several new patrol SUV's.

Pueblo Police Officer takes his SUV Patrol vehicle in the parking garage

The Pueblo community

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