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Jacob The Barber

Jacob the barber standing in front of the shop

Born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Jacob Lucero or better known as Jacob the barber has been creating a legacy to leave behind for his kids.

Clippers precisely lined up

Since the age of 13 Jacob has been living in Pueblo, Colorado Jacob has been working at the Aguilar's on HW 50 in Pueblo, Colorado as the shops top artist. The passionate barber is nothing less than a perfectionist.

Keeping everything lined up

Growing up, when Jacob would get his hair cut and he didn't like it he would go home and cut it in a different way. He has been cutting his own hair and his friends hair since a young age, but never saw himself being a barber one day.

The client is getting lined up

To be hired at any of the Aguilar's in Pueblo, you must be able to cut your own hair as well as be able to shave with a straight razor.

Jacob shaving a customers head

For Jacob, cutting hair is more than a profession, Its a lifestyle. With his smooth styling and self taught skills Jacob has made a name for himself here in Pueblo. Tuesday through Saturday the barber works 12 hour shifts, cutting an average of 40 people a day.

Down to the skin

Jacob alone has enough clients to run an entire barber shop himself but wants to wait for the right time. Until then you can find Jacob at the Aguilar's on HW 50 and Norwood every week on Tuesday through Saturday from 7am - 7pm

Jacob The Barber

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